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Enhance performance and reduce cost by automating processes.

Achieve better business outcomes with our secure, intuitive platforms.

eFuel Systems
Improve your fuel and convenience retail business through our smart solutions.

When it comes to user-friendly software, Smart eFuels wins hands down. It’s so easy to use that it almost reads your mind. You certainly don’t need to be a techno-wiz to use it. It runs on your web browser, and it’s super responsive. Not only that, but it’s a cinch to integrate with your existing business processes.

Smart Retail & Convenience
Designed by retail chain management professionals with two decades of industry experience, Smart Retail is the solution to redundant processes that hinder profitability and efficiency.

Harness your manual administrative tasks, move & integrate them online. All at low cost and without software installation. Smart Retail streamlines your workflow and sets you up to improve future efficiency and profit.

Smart Audit
Smart Audit gives you peace of mind that the “boring basics” are covered while you focus on your business. And it ensures consistency by having standardised audits – great for chain businesses.

Almost every industry has a set of regulations that need to be followed. Setting up a system that automates reminders, and stores all your documents and information can help protect your business from non-compliance risks and hefty fines.

Smart businesses work with innomatics to drive compliance and optimise performance using analytics, automating processes and minimising risk.

Brands we work with.

Hassle free digital transformations designed to optimise your business performance.

“I can’t keep track of things, I’m wasting money and I’m stressed about an upcoming audit”

“I’m free to make better business decisions and I am making more money. I love audits now!”

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