Automate your auditing tasks to stay on top of your game.

Smart Audit is your one-stop-shop for all your auditing needs.

Smart Audit

Relax. We’ve got your compliance back covered. It not only actively protects your business, it also protects your hard-won reputation.

Data around safety, employee data, payroll, stock, equipment, pricing; as well as compliance, licensing and survey information can be stored in our central system and effortlessly accessed for audits.

This also means there’s a chain of accountability. Communications are streamlined, allowing you to operate at peak efficiency.

Almost every industry has a set of regulations that need to be followed. Smart Audit can help ensure that the “boring basics” are covered while you focus on your business.

Chain of Accountability

Because everything’s on the same system there’s also a chain of accountability, from individual team members right through to head office and off-site providers. Communication becomes streamlined and compliance is improved – bringing confidence to stakeholders that your company is operating at peak efficiency.

Smart Dash
Customise your dashboard to see what you want to see first, every time. Reporting is simple, and in real time too. What’s more, you can even schedule automated reports. Talk about saving time and effort. Arm yourself with all your data and be prepared to take corrective action in advance.
Smart Alerts

With our automated alerts, you’ll never miss a task again. Set up your task reminders, then put your feet up. You can even escalate reminders for tasks that are incomplete.

Convenient & Comprehensive
Our integrated digital environment gives you the ‘big picture’, allowing monitoring and review, and early identification of gaps in the work process.
Central Location
With minimal outlay and virtually no changes to your existing systems, we bring all types of administrative records together in a single online location.

Regulatory compliance

Setup standard templates, request documents and centrally access all information stored to achieve high regulatory compliance.

Smart Forms & Lists
Create and manage electronic forms; request forms; set reminders for document submission; allocate, escalate, upload and filter documents.
Communications Broadcast Tool

Streamline and synchronise your communications to deliver important information via email or SMS.

Custom Workflows

Build your own audit protocols, with tasks and checkpoints, so you never miss a beat.

Smart Alerts

Are you frustrated with missing deadlines?

With our automated alerts, you and your team will never miss a task again. Set up your task triggers, then put your feet up. You can even escalate reminders for Team tasks that are incomplete.

Our alerts really earn their keep by making sure you’re up to date on compliance and mission-critical tasks. How good will it feel to know you’ll never miss important tasks or details again? Smart Fuel even puts you in charge to design your own escalation process.

Simple Dashboard

Wish your dashboards were more intuitive? Sick of constant clicking to get to the information you need first?

See what you really need to see first, every time. With consolidated business information at your fingertips, you’ll make better – and faster – business decisions.

Reporting is simple, and in real time too. What’s more, you can even schedule automated reports. Talk about saving time and effort. Monitor key growth drivers and analytics so you can produce hard cost savings.

If you have an internet connection and a web browser, you can incorporate responsive website design that adjusts according to screen size. This offers your users an optimised browsing experience.

Data safety and access is vitally important. You can share data securely and manage access levels.

You can bank on our system reliability & security.

When we say “trust us”, we mean it.

What we offer you is a system that’s reliable & secure. So reliable that we provide you with dual-site data redundancy. Put simply, this means if one site is down, you have a back-up.

Our operating system has a high uptime. It’s stable and reliable. And your data is hosted on a secure server.

Streamlined, simple and easy to use.

Smart Audit is customisable and once setup it is quick and easy to use. In no time it will be streamlining your processes and giving you a stress free business experience.

Import your existing data to make your set-up faster.

Your company administrative Team Member can manage the data on your site.

Categorise each of your store locations and select the attributes you want for each location (If you have multiple locations).

Security is paramount, so we enable you to securely manage all the business users, and their level of access (or restriction) to each module.

And you can add your own branding, to make it your own.