Mission critical solutions to manage your fuel and convenience store.

Get a competitive advantage and improve your margins.

Smart eFuels – Smart Move.

When it comes to user-friendly software, Smart eFuels wins hands down. It’s so easy to use that it almost reads your mind. You certainly don’t need to be a techno-wiz to use it.

It runs on your web browser, and it’s super responsive. Not only that, but it’s a cinch to integrate with your existing business processes. And we’ll provide you with onboarding support you can rely on. We make Smart eFuels your best business move ever.

Smart eFuels Pricing

Optimising fuel pricing is key to realising profits. That’s why we make it simple for you. In fact, at just a touch of a button – bingo! Your fuel pricing is optimised.

Take machine learning technology. Add a good pinch of data science expertise. Combine well. The result? Your pricing strategy is effective, refined and operating like clockwork. The power of automation can drive your fuel pricing model effectively and efficiently.

Smart eFuels Stock Management

With Smart eFuels Stock Management, you can enjoy a great night’s sleep – every night. Managing your fuel and optimising your fuel delivery schedules is now a cinch.

Smart Payments

“I’ve forgotten my wallet!”

How often do you hear these words? Sometimes customers arrive to purchase fuel or a product and realise they don’t have a means of payment. Or they simply forget to pay. And occasionally a customer leaves with no intention of reimbursing you. 

We enable customers to pay you from anywhere using their home phone, mobile phone or their computer. You can initiate easy Payment Requests in real time via web portal or phone call.

Smart Audit

Is compliance with all the regulations for your site(s) giving you a headache? Worried about hefty penalties hitting your bottom line – hard?

Relax. We’ve got your compliance back covered. It not only actively protects your fuel station business, it also protects your hard-won reputation.

Almost every industry has a set of regulations that need to be followed. Setting up a system that automates reminders, and stores all your documents and information can help ensure that the “boring basics” are covered while you focus on your business.

You can bank on our system reliability & security.

When we say “trust us”, we mean it.

What we offer you is a system that’s reliable & secure. So reliable that we provide you with dual-site data redundancy. Put simply, this means if one site is down, you have a back-up.

Our operating system has a high uptime. It’s stable and reliable. And your data is hosted on a secure server.

Streamlined, simple and easy to set up.

Setting up your Smart Fuel system is quick and easy. In no time it will be streamlining your processes and giving you a stress free business experience.

Import your existing data to make your set-up faster.

Your company administrative Team Member can manage the data on your site, and easily determine the characteristics for each site through a simple list, such as food, LPG, and so on, with more than 20 characteristics available.

Categorise each of your stations and select the attributes you want for each location (If you have multiple stations).

Security is paramount, so we enable you to securely manage all the business users, and their level of access (or restriction) to each module.

And you can add your own branding, to make it your own. This is a powerful and attractive feature.

Designed for small & large businesses alike. Smart eFuels is your custom solution.