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Streamline processes but always stay in control.

Innomatics know that you need solutions that are simple, but effective. That add new dimensions to your business. That automate and streamline processes to remove the risks and keep them compliant – in a world of ever changing compliance regulations. And where you always stay in control, empowered by systems that don’t need a technical wiz to set up and operate.

Our Smarts

A strong background in the fuel and convenience industries led to eFuel Systems – a solution for one or a chain of fuel stations. From the best time to purchase fuel, to managing stock, to complying with regulations, effective communication and automated alerts, eFuel Systems has addressed the major problems faced by fuel stations and taken the headaches away for countless clients.

Smart Retail & Convenience is designed by retail chain management professionals with two decades of industry experience, Smart Retail is the solution to redundant processes that hinder profitability and efficiency. Harness your manual administrative tasks, move & integrate them online. All at low cost and without software installation. 

Smart Audit gives you peace of mind that the “boring basics” are covered while you focus on your business. And it ensures consistency by having standardised audits – great for chain businesses. Ensure regulatory compliance is met, automate alerts, custom build your workflows, set up your dashboard to keep on top of it all. 

Innomatics stands strongly behind these innovative technological solutions. They provide impeccable customer service for every product. Many of our clients have referred others to our software solutions, because we put people first.

So make a Smart decision today. Get in touch to see what we can bring to your business table.

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To help people and organisations worldwide, achieve ambitious outcomes with simple, smart business systems.

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